The Solution

We believe you deserve to be in control of your finances, not the colleges. We know how overwhelming it is to plan for your child’s future and yours. So, with our teams of experts and over 80 years of combined experience, we created a simple 3-Step plan to guide your family through the college planning process without sacrificing your retirement.

Step 1

Focus on the Family

Together, we’ll discover where your family is financially. Then develop strategies to minimize your Expected Family Contribution, create a plan to pay for college, and set you up for retirement.

Step 2

Focus on the Student

We’ll focus on your student with coaching, test prep & more to set them up for the best chance of acceptance into their dream school with the most amount of free money.

Step 3

Focus on the College

We’ll help your family pick the right college and help with the admissions process, including Financial Aid. We’ll also evaluate the Financial Awards to make sure you get the best aid packages.

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